Blood Centers of the Pacific (BCP) is a community-based nonprofit organization that provides the link between those who give blood and the patients who depend on this lifesaving gift. However, BCP is in need of blood donations. The gap lies with young adults who simply think they do not have time, and are too busy to donate.


Enhance the user experience by creating a simple to use app that appeals to this specific target audience. The app puts the responsibility of blood donation into the user's hand and it will make the donation process more engaging and fulfilling experience. It will help raise awareness and connect people on a more personal level.

Get notified when your type is needed

Since this demographic is very reluctant to answer phone calls from unknown numbers and scheduling appointments over the phone, the user will simply receive a notification when his blood type is in demand. He will be prompted to schedule an appointment and by swiping on the notification, the user will be taken to a a four-step scheduling process.

Digital ID and easy scheduling

The user's digital donor ID will be stored in the app and serve as a login to his account. With bluetooth beacon technology and the user's donor ID, the front desk at the clinic will instantly recognize the user as he enters and pull up all the necessary information, allowing for a more personal, pleasant and efficient experience. The app is also optimized for appointment scheduling with a simple four step process.

Easily locate clinics

The user can easily locate blood donation clinics based on his current location. The app will list the nearest clinics in his area and will also provide the address, distance and estimated travel time depending on how the user plans on getting there.

Get a detailed confirmation

A detailed confirmation page will be provided after the user has scheduled an appointment. The user will be able to see the date of donation, type of donation, address, start time and end time and also the breakdown of what this process entails.

Fill out questionnaire 24hr before

The user can get notified to fill out the questionnaire through the app 24hr before the donation. Therefore, instead of waiting and filling out the form at the clinic, the user can easily do it at home prior to donation. As well, the user can see what other donors are going at a similar time to make the whole experience more personable. Hence, when waiting at the resting area, instead of sitting silently and awkwardly by himself, the user can easily start a conversation with a fellow donor.

Other features

Although the main functions of this app are to help this specific group of people, young adults, to easily schedule an appointment, there are other features as well. The user can locate blood drives, collect points with each donation that lead up to rewards, track the journey of his donation to see where this lifesaving gift comes to use and keep a record of his donor's history.